Welcome to our brand new Webkit

We’re incredibly proud of our new Webkit 5 platform as it's been built and designed around feedback and ideas our customers have provided since early 2017.

Webkit 5 is our fastest, safest and most reliable Webkit ever and it’s available and suitable for all of our responsive clients right away!

It’s optimised based on Google's most recent algorithm and will provide the foundation of all improvements and enhancements we develop over the coming years. It gives us the ability to offer the functionality our clients have pushed for whilst opening the door on future updates at absolutely no extra cost.

This means if you upgrade now, you won't need to pay for future features we release on to Webkit 5, they will come as standard!

Upgrading to Webkit 5 will future proof our websites and give our customers the best platform for their websites to work across all browsers and devices in 2020 and onwards. There is a small up front and monthly charge to cover the new platforms hosting, implementation & development costs.


Webkit 5 has been designed to work as smoothly as possible with our existing responsive sites, however older features which have either been discontinued or improved as part of the new webkit service will need re-configuring.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Sliders
  • Social Media Bar
  • Lightbox functionality
  • Website Styling
  • Antiquated Coding
  • General Layout amendments
Older features will either be replaced for a like for like service or removed. Our Technical Team take care of all Webkit 5 upgrades and can discuss any changes with you if you're unsure.


The up front upgrade cost covers:

  • Upgrading to Webkit 5
  • Replacing older functionality with Webkit 5 compatible features
  • Removal of older, antiquated HTML & CSS coding
  • Extensive testing to ensure a smooth transition
  • Inclusion of Lazy Load technology to improve individual page load times
Webkit 5 costs just £195+vat & £5 p/m.

Speed Report

As part of the upgrade we will also report back to you on the before and after statistics on your Google page speed performance.

Why Webkit 5?

The aim of Webkit 5 was to improve the efficiencies of our websites whilst expanding on the available functionalities our websites could utilise. We wanted to make our galleries bigger, pages load faster, Google scores to go through the roof and ensure sites looked amazing all at the same time!

Our new Webkit 5 platform has removed over 2,000 lines of code from our default style sheets (websites coding) and adopted the most up to date coding principals to ensure our websites are powered in the best, most efficient way.

We also appreciate as a small business ourselves costs can provide a decisive factor in a websites management. By upgrading to our new platform you will be future proofing your website and avoiding future upgrade costs when new functionality or features become available.

With Google, Browsers and customers demanding the fastest content in the most accessible ways we had to build a platform that could exceed expectations and ensure our websites looked and worked brilliantly on any device in 2020.

Not Mobile Responsive?

If your website is not Mobile Responsive, you won't be able to upgrade to Webkit 5. We've built Webkit 5 for now and the future so it's designed specifically for Responsive websites.  Since 2016 we've been canvassing all of our existing clients to move to a ' Responsive ' website design but we appreciate not everyone has the budget or requirement for this.

Having a Responsive Design ensures a website works brilliantly on mobiles and adheres to recent Google and Browser changes.

Take a look at how Responsive Design works here and see our Redesign Portfolio for an idea of what we've built recently. If you'd like to upgrade or discuss how Responsive Design and our new Webkit 5 platform can help you, call us on 02380 633644 or email support@toolkit.uk .

Upgrade Now

If you're interested in upgrading to Webkit 5, please fill out our form and a member of the Support Team will be in touch to discuss your options for upgrading.

Or contact us directly. You can call us on 02380 633 644 or email support@toolkit.uk.

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