How To Add A Background Image To A Column

Similar to adding a background to a panel, this guide shows you how to add it to a column. This is useful for when you would like to put text on top of an image.

Step By Step Guide

First of all we need to load the editor. To do this click ' Content ' on the left menu, once this drops down and gives you some more options, click ' Pages '. Then select the page you would like to edit, finally click the ' Editor ' button in the top left.

Next up, click on the column you would like to add the background image to. When the toolbar pops up, click the button with the two small cogs . This is on the right side of the toolbar .

On the next screen click on the ' Column Settings ' button.

On the next screen click the ' Add Image URL ' button.

The next step involves picking the image you would like to set as the background. In the example we pick the image of a laptop on a table. Once you have found the picture you would like to use, click the ' Select ' button.

The next screen will have a drop down menu, click on this and select the ' Uploaded Original ' option. After this click the ' Insert Image ' button.

Finally we are back to the same screen we saw earlier. Click the ' Save ' button in the bottom right and you will see the background image appear on the column!

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