Blocking Spam Bots in Google Analytics

If you're seeing unusual data in the Google Analytics account for your website, then there may be bots spamming your Analytics. Spam bots may show data from Russian, China, South America etc. Some spam bots can send fake traffic to your Analytics without ever visiting your website.

Since their visit is not technically recorded on the server log, we can not block them for you, however you can block them through your Google Analytics account. See the following guide on how to do so:

Step 1

Click on the 'Admin' tab at the top of the page. On the view column you will want to create a 'new' view so that you still have an unadulterated report of all traffic in Google Analytics.

Step 2

Name the new 'View', for example 'Hiding Spam Bots'.

Step 3

After you have your new view selected, click in to the 'Filters' section then select the '+New Filter Button'.

Step 4

Give the new filter a name like 'Hiding Russia'

Step 5

Next, choose the filter type 'custom'. Choose 'country' from the 'Filter Field' drop down. The 'Filter Pattern Field' is where you actually define what countries you are filtering, so make sure you spell them correctly.

Step 6

Finally, select the 'Bot Filtering' check box that is found in 'View Settings' within the ÔÇťAdmin" tab.

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