Chrome Warning Against HTTP

Advancing on the Version of Chrome released in October 2017, where Google flagged up if a Site wasn't secure when a user was going to complete a form, Google have now released an update version of Chrome that labels all sites without an SSL certificate as 'Not Secure' regardless of if they have a form or not.

How to avoid these warnings

Adding a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to your website will ensure that the green padlock + secure message always shows.

Not only does it enforce a user's confidence in your security, SSL can also help boost Google Rankings and help towards making your website GDPR Compliant.

Read more about SSL here or get in touch today to find out more.

Other Browsers

Mozilla Firefox have started showing a grey padlock with a red line through on sites that ask for a username and password, but don't have SSL.

For sites that do have SSL, Firefox shows a green padlock at all time, not only when data is requested or being entered.

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