Email Aliases

What is an Email Alias?

An email alias looks just like an email address, but actually represents an alternative name of the original name of a mailbox.

It is a forwarding email address, allowing for an email to be addressed to one mailbox but to be redirected to another mailbox.

In other words, if someone sends you an email to the address, which is actually an email alias of, the Toolkit email server will forward the incoming email message to the parent mailbox (

Why use an Email Alias?

The good side of using email aliases pertaining to a certain email address is that you can set as many of them as you like. Most email service providers do not set limits on the number of email aliases created per email account, which gives users the possibility to create various alternative names for their original mailbox.

For instance, with the help of email aliases a sales email address of a company (e.g. can be assigned individually to all the members of the sales team (e.g., This way, each of them will be able to reply to incoming email messages from their personal address, while those messages are addressed to

While being of great help in setting up a network of fictive email addresses serving one major mailbox, the email aliases do not boast much functionalities apart from that. The reason for that is that with the set-up of an email alias, no resource-consuming mailbox is actually created.

How to create an Email Alias

Creating an e-mail alias is a simple process. To create an alias for your existing email address, you can email our Support Team with the the email address you want to redirect mail to and secondly let us know the new email alias name. Once actioned by the team the alias usually takes affect within a hour.

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