Email Migration Service

Our Email Migration service allows us to delve into your existing mailboxes and transfer all of your existing emails into your new mailboxes.

Email migration is a popular option for those who would like peace of mind that all emails will be safeguarded ready for the email service switch, and for those who would prefer to not backup their emails themselves.

We have had in the past clients seek to back up their own email accounts during their domains transfer and emails have been lost due to poorly taken back ups, or the computer/laptop the emails were backed up to was damaged or stolen.

If your emails are critical to your business, we would strongly advise you to adopt our migration service and let us manage your emails during the transfer process.

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Key Features

  • Security - All mailboxes are treated with utmost confidentiality and we can guarantee their security during the migration
  • Inbound and Outbound Service - We not only offer our migration service to clients joining Toolkit websites, but we can offer outbound migrations for clients who are looking to move their IMAP emails to a new IMAP provider.
  • No Lost Emails or Folders - We will ensure that during the migration process, no emails are lost, deleted or missed.
  • Quick and Efficient - As soon as we have all of the details we need, we will guarantee that all emails and folders are migrated withing just 3 working days.


Our Email Migration service starts at £95+VAT.

The cost is based on the number of mailboxes you'd like to migrated, not the number of emails within. As such, please get in touch with our Support Team to get a bespoke price for your migration needs.

Important Information

The migration service migrates emails and folders only. Contacts and Calendars will not be migrated over.

The service will not be able to migrate any locally stored emails.

Outbound migrations can only be performed to Microsoft Exchange or Rackspace hosted emails.

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