Email Migration - The Process

Our Email Migration service allows us to transfer all your emails and folders from your current email service over to your new mailboxes with us. To ensure a smooth switch over, we always abide by the following 7 step process.

Main Steps:

Step 1:
Get a list of your current mailboxes and their passwords .

This is so we can access your current mailboxes and mirror everything on our side to ensure a smooth transition.

Step 2:
Once we have your mailbox information with your current provider, we will create the same mailboxes on our email service, but they will be fresh and empty although we'll set them up using the same passwords.

Step 3:
You set up your new Toolkit email addresses for every member of your business. You must mirror your current set up, so add your Toolkit mailboxes to every device your existing emails are set up on. This may mean adding the new emails to Thunderbird, Webmail, Outlook, iPad, Phone etc.

It's critical you have 2 of the same email accounts on everyone's devices, your existing mailbox with all your emails in it and the other with us which is empty (for now!).

Email setup guide >

Please confirm to us in writing once you've set up your new mailboxes with us on all of your devices.

Step 4:
Now you have all your mailboxes with us set up on every device, we can start the migration. Please allow for 2-3 days for the migration to complete, depending on the number of emails you have.

You will see, in the new mailboxes with us, your emails and folders slowly showing as the migration completes.

Step 5:
Migration complete! Once all your emails have moved over, we make a settings change on your domain so new emails sent to any of your mailboxes are delivered to your new inboxes with us.

Step 6:
Now your emails are with us and every inbox item has migrated over, you must ensure all of your staff delete their old mailboxes from all of their devices, so they are only using your new Toolkit emails with us.

No emails will be lost or missed during the migration process as long as the 6 steps above are followed.

Step 7:
We do a 'final pass' on the migration, so it copies all the emails that have come into your old mailboxes from the start of the migration, so there is no loss in emails.

Our technical team are on hand and will be in contact with you at each of the steps of your migration, and if you ever have any questions feel free to call us on:

01243 913 913

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