Introducing Toolkit V5

Brand New Editor

This is Toolkit v5, our first fully responsive website editor, giving you more power than ever before.

The most exciting new development is our powerful full-screen page editor. Build beautiful, responsive page layouts with the click of a button and customise your page instantly, using your own styles and images.

Easy, fun, creative.

Powerful New Features


Responsive websites now have access to the new Editor which enables you to update the responsive content more easily.

Duplicate Page

We've added a Duplicate Page button which, with one click, creates a whole new page that mirrors the page you've duplicated.


For the new Editor, we've created over 100 pre-made layouts that you can use whilst editing your website.


You can now manage your website's Open Graph image.

Drag 'n' Drop

You can drag and drop all of the images from your documemts, straight into the 'Upload Image' Module.

Filtering Enquiries

All of your enquiries can now be filtered per form - they're no longer merged into one list in the Enquiries Module.

Social Media Feeds

Plugins and Widgets can now be created from within The Toolkit, and land right on your page.


Now, you can access your own styles editor where you can quickly change the size and style of all the headings used across your site!

Rotating Images

You can now rotate images within the Toolkit to save replacing images that have the wrong orientation.

Access to new areas

Scrollers & Sliders

Instead of asking our Support Team to make slider/scroller changes for you, you can now manage them yourself in The Toolkit

Mailbox Reset settings

You can now update the mobile number associated with your mailbox as to make sure each mailbox always has the correct number attached to it

Logo Text

You can now amend your logo text content


In V5, you have access to your robots.txt, directories, the Open Graph generator and your XML Site Map

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