How to turn Alt Tags on or off in an image folder

This video demonstrates how you can sort an image folder within The Toolkit.

As search engines have no ability to understand images on a website, you need to provide a line of alternative text for each one. These are invisible to visitors, and so can be a great way of providing extra uses of your keywords. Don't forget to create tags for your images within galleries, as well as your company logo and individual slides within an animated header.

If you'd prefer a step by step guide with screenshots, please see the guide below.

You may need to use the full-screen option to see the video more clearly.

Step By Step Guide

Once in The Toolkit, click ' Content ' on the left and then choose ' Images '.

In the top right hand side of the page, you'll see an ' Advance ' button. Click on this, then click ' List Folders '

You will then see a list of all your image folders. Click on the folder you would like to turn the alt tabs on/off for and ensure you stay on the ' Edit ' tab on the right.

Scroll down to the ' Alt Tag ' option. If you would like to turn on the alt tags ensure this option is ticked. If not, esure it's un-ticked.

Then click ' Save Changes ' at the bottom.

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