The Invoice page lets you see every single invoice that's ever been raised on your account.

You can open the invoices, email them to someone or pay any outstanding invoices in this part of the Toolkit .

How to pay your Invoices

To Pay your invoice(s), firstly tick all of the invoices you'd like to pay in one transaction (if there's more than one).

Press ' Pay Now ' in the bottom right hand corner of the page.

Press ' Make Secure Payment '.

Enter your card type, card number, expiration date and security code in the appropriate field.

Press ' Make Payment '.

Viewing and Sending your Invoice

On the Invoices page, you have the option to Download or Email any of your invoices.

Press ' Email ' and enter the receiving email address to send your invoice to someone else.

To download and view your invoice, press ' Download '. In the popup window, choose if you'd like to Open the invoice or Save it to your computer.

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