Introducing Webkit 5

Webkit 5 is our brilliant new platform that provides our customers with a host of fantastic new feature improvements and unlocks new functionality that can be added to sites with ease. Webkit 5 benefits:

  • Faster Loading pages
  • Google Compatible & SEO Friendly
  • Video backgrounds
  • SSL Compatibility
  • Embedded Audio & Video Files
  • Improved Gallery Images
  • Lazy Load Page feature
  • Brand New FancyBox
  • Mobile Menu Enchancements

Google Page Speed Score

Webkit 5 brings many behind the scenes improvements that make our websites the fastest they have ever been.

We have spent a lot of time optimising the code that runs our websites to make sure that we can get the fastest loading speeds possible, you can see this on our own website.

The importance of web speed:

  • Google ranking improvements as Google love fast sites!
  • Customers more likely to stay on websites if they respond quickly
  • Mobile connections can be slower (Non WiFi) so platform is optimised for Mobile Browsers

Before & After Speed Scores









Image Galleries

With Webkit 5, website's galleries use FancyBox by default allowing you to easily scroll through each image in the gallery and display extra information about the image such as captions and image descriptions.

  • Slicker transitions
  • Larger galleries
  • Faster load times
  • Improved interface
  • Mobile Friendly

Background videos

With webkit 5, you can now use videos as a background for parts of your website as well as images allowing you to have a more dynamic feel to your website with very little performance impact.

Lazy Loading

Lazy loading is a fantastic new feature that allows your web pages to only load the areas of the page your clients actually use. This means they don't attempt to load images, files or videos that are lower down on a page and not yet in view.

Lazy loading is perfect for clients website pages that:

  • Large Image Galleries
  • Embedded social media feeds
  • Embedded third party services
  • Embedded videos or audio files
  • Large forms
Before Lazy Loading
After Lazy Loading

Brand New FancyBox

FancyBox allows you to have images, forms, videos and just about anything else you want to pop open and enlarge on the screen for maximum impact. Just click on the video and buttons below to see just how this feature works:


Custom Popups

Show popup forms

Click Me for Form

Custom text popups

Click Me for Text

Modal Boxes

Click Me for Modal


HTML5 opens up a whole new range of options for our websites. Embedding video and audio directly into the page is now supported which allows video headers and backgrounds to be added on any web page.

Embedded Video

We've always been able to embed video from service providers like Youtube & Vimeo, but with Webkit 5 you can upload videos on your account and embed them directly on the page. No third party needed!

Embedded Audio

Playlist 1

Playlist 2

Playlist 3

Upload audio and video files up to 10mb and embed them on to your website quickly and easily. Webkit 5 allows you to manage your own content so you can avoid using third party providers.

Mobile menu enhancements

Webkit 5 brings tweaks to the mobile menu so that it delivers a consistent experience across all devices.

  • Faster response times
  • Increased reliability when navigating pages quickly
  • Improved reactions on slower internet speeds
  • Free Style upgrade included

Webkit 5 FAQs

I'm not Mobile Responsive, does that matter?

Yes. We've build Webkit 5 for the future so it's designed for Responsive websites. If you are not Mobile Responsive in 2020 it's crucial you have a discussion with us about upgrading. We can look at the best prices for upgrading to Mobile Responsive as well as migrating to Webkit 5.

What are the costs?

Webkit 5 costs come in two parts. The first is an up front cost of £195+vat which covers the upgrading process. This involves rebuilding elements of a website to ensure complete compatibility which we estimate will take us between 4-6 hours per website. The second cost is a small £5+vat per month charge that covers additional hosting costs & our 2 years of development time.

Is my website likely to break?

Highly unlikely. We've worked on this platform for 2 years and have had the service running successfully on our Support and Live website for months now with no problems. Our Beta Testers may catch things we've yet to see, but our Development Team will be on hand to fix any issues right away. Remember, we can always turn Webkit 5 off and roll back any changes if required.

Do new clients get this as standard?

Absolutely, however the up front costs and monthly charges new clients pay include the costs associated with Webkit 5.

What are the main benefits?

Speed (Google) and visuals. Webkit 5 massively speeds up the loading times of our websites which Google absolutely love. It also allows our clients to use new front end functionality that improves how the website presents images, files, videos and forms.

What does Beta Test mean?

Beta Test is a type of testing period for software products prior to commercial release. Beta testing is the last stage of testing we do before we are 100% happy a new product of ours is ready for all our customers.

You upgraded to Webkit in 2012. Is this the same?

Our hope is that Webkit 5 lasts at least as long as our current platform has, which was released in 2012. We've future proofed our websites to ensure they have everything they need based on modern browsers, clients and devices.

Will I need to pay for the next Webkit upgrade?

No. Webkit 5 updates will happen as standard over the coming years. You won't notice changes, we'll just be improving our systems as we go which we've been doing since our last Webkit was published in 2012. The only time you would need to pay is if we built a brand new Webkit again in the future, but don't expect this to be for another 10 years!

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