How to Edit the Background Image of your Scroller Frame

The images behind the text in your scroller can easily be changed at any time.

Before you start, you will need to have sourced the new image's URL.

Step By Step Guide

First of all we need to load the scroller section of The Toolkit. To do this click 'Structure' on the left menu, once this drops down and gives you some more options, click 'Scrollers'.

Once you are in the 'View Scrollers' section you need to select the 'Scroller' you would like to edit by clicking on the name of the scroller.

Now select the 'Frame' you would like to edit the image for.

Once you are on the 'Edit Frame' page, click on the 'Source Button'. Scroll to the top where you can see:

background-image: url (https://.secure......image-name.jpg)

Here, you need to replace the contents inside the brackets with your new image URL. If you don't know this, here's how to get the image URL.

Press 'Save' to close the Source Editor.

Now you have made your changes click 'Save Frame' to save your change to the site.

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