How To Add A New Panel

This guide will show you how to add new panels within our new responsive editor. When adding new panels you can choose from bespoke layouts that we have created for you, or use one of over 100 predefined layouts that we have created for everyone to use!

Step By Step Guide

First of all we need to load the editor. To do this click ' Content ' on the left menu, once this drops down and gives you some more options, click ' Pages '. Then select the page you would like to edit, finally click the ' Editor ' button in the top left.

Once in the editor, find a grey strip with a white ' New Panel ' button inside. The ' New Panel ' button determines the location that the panel will be added. These buttons appear at the start and end of each exisitng panel. This means any new panels you add will be placed in between existing panels.

Once the new panel window appears it will automatically open the ' My Layouts ' tab. In here you can find bespoke layouts that we have created for you. Don't worry if there is nothing in this section since not all our clients have them.

Beneath the ' My Layouts ' tab there are lots of other categories. Have a look through these since there are loads of layouts for you to choose from! Once you see one you like, simply click on it.

You will now be able to see the new layout you have added! By default it adds in placeholder text, this is just dummy text which you need to replace with whatever you would like to say on the site.

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