How to View Bounced Messages

A Bounce Message , also called a Non-Delivery Report/Receipt, is an automated message from a mail system informing the sender about a delivery problem.

Viewing bounced messages that may occur while using Broadcast is good for finding out what or why something went wrong while sending the message.

To view any bounced messages from any of your delivered campaigns follow these steps.

Step By Step

Go to the Campaigns Tab and click on the campaign you’d like to see details for.

Once clicked, scroll to the bottom of the performance page and you’ll see how many bounces your campaign had, if any.

Soft Bounce

A Soft Bounce is a message that makes it all the way to your recipient's email account, but is rejected by their WebMail server. This could be due to a number of reasons, the recipient's inbox could be full, their WebMail server may be down, or the message is too large.

Hard Bounce

A Hard Bounce is a bounced message that does not make it to the recipient's email server and is permanently undeliverable. Causes for this include, domain name does not exist, typos in the email address, or recipients may have blocked your mail server.

You can take steps to reduce bounces from your campaign messages by doing a few things:

  1. Test your emails
  2. Keep your contact lists clean
  3. Use opt-in for your contact lists to avoid contacts flagging your message as spam

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