Understand the Analytical Data

Toolkit Broadcast provides numerous data points for which you can use to better understand the success of your Campaigns.

This guide will help you to interpret those data points.

Step By Step Guide

Click on the Campaigns tab.

Here you will see all of your campaigns, click on the one you wish to see the analytics for.

You will first see the overview for this Campaign.

In the top half is a simplified list of the data points for a quick look at the statistics.

The bottom half has three detailed tables.

'Activity graph' :

This is a line chart comparing 'Opens' to 'Clicks' over time. Using this you can determine how quickly contacts click through from the email to an external link.

'Detailed statistics' :

Here, you can see tab by tab each particular datapoint:

  • 'Opens' : Details how many, when and who, opened the email.
  • 'Unopens' : Details how many have not opened the email as well as when they signed up, country etc.
  • 'Bounces' : A hard bounce is an e-mail message that has been returned to the sender because the recipient's address is invalid. A hard bounce might occur because the domain name doesn't exist or because the recipient is unknown.
  • 'Unsubscribed' : Anyone who has unsubscribed via this Campaign will show here.
  • 'Spam' : If your email address has been marked as spam by the client this will show here.
  • 'Forward' : If the email has been forwarded.
  • 'Sent' : Gives a full list of all contacts the Campaign was sent to. This does not refer to how many people have opened the email however.
  • 'Clicks' : Who clicked on a link from within the email.

'Activity link' :

This list lets you know who clicked on links from within the mailer.

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