Logging into Toolkit Webmail

This video shows you how to login to Toolkit Webmail . Webmail gives you access to all of the emails within your mailbox with us.

You may need to use the full-screen option to see the video more clearly.

Step By Step Guide

1: Open Toolkit Webmail in your browser. This can be done by doing a search for Webmail, or by visiting toolkitwebmail.co.uk directly.

2: Enter your full email address with us. Be careful not to add a space before or after the email address, as spaces count as characters.

3: Enter your password in the bottom text field. If you don't know your mailbox password, you can reset it here .

4: Press Login. This will open your mailbox.

5: If you geta 'Login Failed' error, please review your login details. You may need to reset your password .

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