Reset Mailbox Password

All of our mailbox passwords are managed via SMS. Text messages are far more secure than sending passwords in Emails. Not only is security tighter, but having an SMS-Reset tool, you can reset your password any time of day and needn't get in touch with us.

Step 1:

You'll need to firstly find out the mobile number that's associated with your mailbox . The Principal Contact on your account can do this by logging into The Toolkit and going to the Mailbox Reset module.

Step 2:

Once you know which mobile number is associated with your mailbox and you've got access to that mobile phone, you'll need to enter your email address on our Reset Page . Press ' Get reset code ' to trigger a text to come through to the mobile phone.

Step 3:

This text confirms the owner of the mailbox has request the password reset. In the text will be a link. Please click on that link.

The link will open a page in your browser with a new password in, or the option to set your own password.

Step 4:

If you choose to set your own password, it must:
- have at least 8 characters
- contain at least 1 number
- contain at least 1 capital letter
- contain at least 1 punctuation symbol.

Important Information

If you don't have a registered mobile number on your account for a password reset and our offices are closed, please send a text to our out of hours emergency text number - 07786206327 .

We will aim to reply as soon as possible and look to help you get logged in to your emails right away.

Please note, once the mailbox password has been changed, all other devices you have your email account setup on will need updating with the new password.

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