Modern Websites

1. Mobile Responsive

How well does your website work on mobile phones?

Mobile & tablet devices make up over 50% of all website & Google hits, so you must be sure your website is built for mobiles and desktop browsers.

If your website isn't Google will warn users against using your site and rank you lower in their search engines.

2. Modern Design

Is your websites design over 2 years old?

Do your competitors websites look, work and read better than yours?

If your website needs modernising, our Redesign Service can completely revamp your design, and ensure it's Mobile Responsive and on our latest platform.

Redesigns are perfect if you're looking to:

  • Modernise your websites design and style
  • Upgrade to Mobile Responsive
  • Change or add to your products & services
  • Re-write your sites content
  • Enhance the sites speed and performance (Webkit 5)

3. Super fast - Webkit 5

Webkit 5 is our brilliant new platform that provides our customers with a host of fantastic new feature improvements and unlocks new functionality that can be added to sites with ease. Webkit 5 benefits:

  • Faster Loading pages
  • Google Compatible & SEO Friendly
  • Video backgrounds
  • SSL Compatibility
  • Embedded Audio & Video Files
  • Improved Gallery Images
  • Lazy Load Page feature
  • Brand New FancyBox
  • Mobile Menu Enchancements


Google and Browsers now reward encrypted websites. To encrypt your website (make your site HTTPS) you need to have an active SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate.

This is more important than ever because in July 2018, Google released a version of their Chrome browser that labels any sites without an SSL certificate as 'Not Secure' to its customers.

Adding a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) service to your website will ensure that the green padlock & secure message always shows.

Not only does it enforce a user's confidence in your security, SSL also helps boost your Google Rankings and goes towards making your website GDPR Compliant.

Read more about SSL here or get in touch today to find out more.

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5. GDPR Compliance

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a regulation from the European Union which came in to place in May 2018 and affects all UK businesses. It's designed to ensure businesses are protecting their customers information and held accountable if not.

For your website to comply with GDPR rules as of May 2018, we believe at the very least you need to:

All of our advice on GDPR legislation is not legal advice. This information is based on our interpretation of the GDPR ruling. For concrete legal advice, you may wish to talk to a solicitor.

Read more about the GDPR specifics here Free GDPR Review

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