Website Content

Sourcing Content

Website Content includes text, images and files etc. and there are a couple of places you can source these from.

The copy on your website can be written by yourself or by a Copywriter. See our Writing Content Advice below, but if you'd prefer to use a copy writer we can recommend one to you. Contact us for more information about our recommended Copywriter.

You can use your own images on your website, have professional images taken or use stock images. We have access to a fantastic stock library with images from many areas and industries to choose from. Unsure about whether to have professional images taken or use Stock Images? See the comparison here.

Website Images

Whether you chose to use your own photos, or stock photos, when sending your images in to our team, please be sure to name your images suitably. This will greatly help with your sites SEO once the images are placed on to the web.

For example, if you send over 50 photos named:

- Image1.jpg
- Image2.jpg
- Image3.jpg

Google won't give you any credit for keywords related to your images. This would be better:

- Plumber at work in Nottingham.jpg
- Kitchen refitted in Mansfield.jpg
- Boiler replacement demonstration.jpg

Our team can rename images however this can only be done if you send clear instructions.

Writing your Copy

It's important when writing the content of your website to make sure it contains plenty of keywords relevant to your business. This will help with Search Engine Optimisation.

Search engines love content that is full of keywords (the words used to describe your business). There is no point in making the title of your homepage "Welcome to our website" if you are a second hand car salesman. "Second hand car sales" makes much more sense to both the user and search engines.

Make sure you repeat keywords relevant to your business in a grammatically correct manner. You need to strike a fine balance between repeating your keywords enough for search engines to recognise your effort (but without spamming or over-promotion) and still keep the content fresh and interesting to keep your users hooked.

For more information about keywords and Search Engine Optimisation, see our Website Content & SEO page .

Website Copy Plan

Step 1

First draft out a site map to help you think about which pages you will use and how they will navigate with each other. You need to keep this as simple and easy to use as possible, as your website visitors won’t want to search around your website to find what they are looking for.

Here are some things to bear in mind before you get started:

- What is the primary purpose of your website? For example, if it is to sell products you need to make sure your product pages are easy to find and easy to navigate once the visitor has found their way there.
- Who is your website’s target audience? This will inform the way in which you word your content and the tone of your writing. Although remember that whoever your target audience, your site needs to be accessible and easy to use for all.

Your site map should be sent over to your Project Manager before your content, and should outline the way your site will flow and which pages are included under each heading/title page.

For example, a site map for a 10 page website might look like:

Home - main menu
About – main menu
Services – main menu
Testimonials – main menu
Contact – main menu and page footer link.
News – footer link.
Special Offers – scroller link.
Product Category A – Services page link
Product Category B – Services page link
Product Category C – Services page link

If you are trying to plan content for a larger site, of 20 pages or more, then you may want to give further consideration to your pages and what categories or page folders, as we refer to them, they could be grouped into.

Step 2

Write the content for each of your pages in word processing software, making sure you use the spell check facility or get somebody else to proof read to ensure there are no typos.

The following may help you to gather your ideas for writing your content:

- Do you have an existing website?
- Do you have any promotional material that we can use?

What have your competitors used on their website? (Please note that you cannot directly copy content from another website as this is plagiarism and violates copyright, although this can be a good source of inspiration.)

You may also want to consider the following questions and try and answer them within the content.

Home Page : Please give a brief over view of what your business does.

a. What sector are you in?
b. What region do you operate in (including actual town names/localities)?
c. What is special and unique about your business?

About Us : Please give a short history of your business and an overview of your ethos and methods.

a. When was your company founded?
b. Who founded it?
c. How has your business grown over time?
d. What is your company ethos?
e. Do you follow any special methods in your business practice
f. Are you members of any professional bodies?


a. What services are you offering?
b. How do you go about offering your services?
c. Please provide details as to what each service entails, technical specifications, and images.
d. What is special and unique about your services? Why should people choose your services or products over other peoples?
e. What is possible using your business?
f. If you want to go into any amount of detail about a service, you will need a page per service. If you would like all the services on one page, please provide details of what headings you will need.


a. What do customers say about your business?
b. Do you have any specific quotes from customers we can use on your website?


a. What positive things have been happening in your company recently?
b. Do you have any upcoming events, or have you recently had an event you want to let your website visitors know about?
c. Take a look at our News page for some more ideas.

Special Offers:

a. Do you have a special offer of the month/week that you want to draw attention to?
b. Do you offer any other discounts, e.g. student discount, or discount if your website is mentioned?

If you would prefer to have your website content planned and written by a professional copywriter, who will also be able to help optimise your content and give you advice regarding search engines, then please get in touch with us on 01243 913 913 or send an email .

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