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Content is King when it comes to SEO. Google will never show your website in the search results if you're not exclaiming what you do and where you do it.

When writing copy for your website, you should make sure it contains plenty of keywords.

Search engines love content that is full of keywords. There is no point in making the title of your homepage "Welcome to our website" if you are a second hand car sales person. "Second hand car sales" makes much more sense as a title to both the user and Search Engines.

Make sure you repeat keywords relevant to your business in a grammatically correct manner. You need to strike a fine balance between repeating your keywords enough for search engines to recognise your effort (but without spamming or over-promotion) and still keep the content fresh and interesting to keep your users hooked.

Copy Writing Checklist

Keywords: Apply your keywords and phrases throughout your text. Don’t just stick a paragraph that lists your keywords on the site, as once a Search Engine has found you, actual people will be reading it. Make sure your text content makes sense to humans whilst including your keywords.

Break up blocks of text: Break up large chunks of text with headings, bullet points, lists and even quotes in your text. This makes the text far easier to read for users and more digestible for Google.

Heading(s): Make sure you have at least 1 keyword or keyphrase in the heading for your text.

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