Writing Website Content With AI

It's now possible for AI to write or re-write your website's content for you!

AI Tools like ChatGPT produce SEO rich website content, taking away the hassle and time of doing it yourself. However, there are some important things to consider when using AI. Check out our advice below and see how AI can help you.

Create a free account with ChatGPT so you can use it to produce content for your website. It's incredibly important though to be wary of the limitations ChatGPT has and the possible problems it can cause you.

ChatGPT Our Advice

Using AI - 3 Steps To Awesome Web Content

Step 1

Give ChatGPT a specific, tailored request that tells them as much about your business, services and location as possible, so it can provide you with the most relevant content for your website at the first attempt.

Feel free to use our template, but don't forget to add in your specifics!

If you’re looking for inspiration on an existing website or want to fine tune some copy you’ve already put together, why not try asking ChatGPT things like:

  • “Can you rewrite the content on www.websiteaddress.com/page so it uses more descriptive language”
  • “I’ve put together some text for my website, can you read it below and improve it”

Step 2

Take all the content ChatGPT provides you with and tweak as much of it as you can to give it the right ‘voice’ for your company.

Changing the text not only allows you to make it sound more human, but it also protects you from using the same content as other businesses who have also used ChatGPT for their websites' content.

Chat GPT is a fantastic tool to give you the best possible starting point, but it’s not a copywriter, so it’s crucial you change as much as you can to avoid any Google or SEO issues in the future.

Step 3

Email us your finalised copy and we’ll get it added to your website!

Hi my name is ____ and I own a ____ company based in ____ called ____.

We provide the following services:

- Service 1
- Service 2
- Service 3
- Service 4

In the following areas:

- ++County++
- ++City++
- ++Local towns++
- ++Local villages++

Could you write me some SEO-rich content for my website that I can use to fill the following pages:

- Home Page
- Contact Page
- About Page
- Services Page

Our phone number is ____, work address is, _____ and our email address is ______

Our company values are ___.

Could you also mention ______.

ChatGPT - Limitations

Using AI for your websites content can be fantastic and a real time saver, but it's important you understand the risks and limitations it comes with. Using AI to generate your websites content:
  • May occasionally generate incorrect information
  • May occasionally produce harmful instructions or biased content
  • Limited knowledge of the world and events after 2021
  • Uses the same generic content for all ChatGPT users

It's for these reasons you must check every word it generates and edit as much as you can to me it unique to your business & voice. We do not check the content you send to us, we’ll simply add what you give us to your website and then it's available to your customers and Google.

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