Billing Procedures

Credit Control Procedures

At Toolkit Websites we aim to provide an exceptional level of prompt service and fast attention to your queries. In order to treat all our clients fairly we have a strict credit control policy to ensure that all invoice payments are collected on time. To ensure that there are no problems with payment of invoices we ask all our clients to pay by Direct Debit. For international clients and the rare cases where Direct Debits are not possible then our credit control policy will apply. This credit control policy is entirely automated and will send out frequent reminder emails to those clients who are late making payment for their invoices.

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Day in quarter Action taken by Toolkit Websites
Day 1 Invoice sent out (1st Jan, 1st Apr, 1st July, 1st Oct or date that pro rata invoice is raised)
Day 28 Payment due
Days 29 - 36 Daily email reminder that invoice is OVERDUE
Days 37 - 44 Daily email warnings that services will be SUSPENDED
Day 45 Services will be SUSPENDED
Days 46 - 53 Daily email warnings about account CLOSURE & services DELETED
Day 54 Account Closed & all services PERMANENTLY DELETED

How do I open my invoice?

Your invoice will be sent to you via email as a PDF document. To view this invoice, simply open the attachment. Adobe Acrobat should launch. If you do not have Acrobat installed on your computer, you can Download it free . You can easily print this document if required.

How does the billing system work?

We send invoices on a quarterly basis. Your quarterly invoice will include your monthly subscriptions for three months in advance.

What does the Setup Invoice include?

Your Order Form includes the the Setup Fee for your chosen website and your subscriptions for the first year. If you have asked for a monthly package then your subscriptions will start from our next billing date (1st Jan, 1st April, 1st July, 1st Oct).

What is the Toolkit Subscription charge?

Our website packages are structured to give a lower up-front cost with an ongoing monthly fee. The monthly fee is much like the line rental on your landline, your broadband subscription, or your SKY TV subscription. Your monthly fee includes: Annual domain name renewal, Website hosting, Email hosting (if required), unlimited updates to your website, upgrades to the Toolkit and Website systems and processes, unlimited Email Technical Support and your licence fee to use the Toolkit.

What is the hourly rate for adhoc work?

After you have approved the Look & Feel of your website then any design changes that are made by us to your website (at your instruction) will be charged at £55+VAT per hour. These charges are made in 15 minute increments. Technical Support is free (answering your questions).

The nature of our website packages means that you should be able to make most changes to your website using The Toolkit. These changes are not charged for and are covered in your monthly subscriptions. Normally changes that Toolkit Websites might carry out are: new website branding, updated header image or slider, custom contact forms, data importing or advanced website development.

When will I receive my invoice?

The invoice dates will be 1st January, 1st April, 1st July, 1st October. Payments will be collected by Direct Debit between 8 and 10 days from the invoice date.

Will I be sent a copy of the invoice in the post?

No. Our invoicing system uses a paperless billing system. This will mean that instead of receiving a paper invoice in the post you will receive an email with a PDF attachment. The PDF will include all the same details as a normal paper invoice. If required, you will of course be able to print this document for your records.

Who will the email invoice go to?

The billing contact for your account will receive the invoice. If you would like to change the designated recipient, please contact us and we will change the Billing Contact free of charge.

How do I pay my invoice?

Payments should be made by Direct Debit through the Toolkit - contact our team to set this up.

All our clients will be covered by the Direct Debit guarantee and you will be sent your invoice at least 7 days before any payments are taken.

I am an international client, how do I pay?

International clients will be able to pay by BACS transfer if required. Additionally if you are an EU business located outside of the UK then you are eligible for Zero-Rated VAT on your invoices. In order to qualify please simply let us know your international VAT number and we will set you up for Zero-Rated Vat.

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