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Toolkit Websites support the latest version of all major browsers.

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Older browser versions have bugs and inconsistencies that can cause problems when viewing your website. Therefore it's important to make sure that you are using the latest version of your browser.

Website Browser FAQs

Will my site work in unsupported browsers?

Your site should work in all browsers if they use compliant HTML, CSS and Javascript rendering. However other browsers may have inconsistencies that we are not able to account for.

Will my older website work in new browsers?

Older sites should work perfectly in newer browsers as generally newer browsers are backwards compatible.However some technologies like Adobe Flash are being removed for security reasons. If you still have Flash on your website please contact us so we can replace this with a non-flash animation.

What is the current browser breakdown?

Data taken from browsers used on all Toolkit's client's sites over a week in the middle of August 2018, is as follows:

Browser Percentage
Chrome 48%
Safari 36%
IE 7%
Firefox 4%
Edge 4%
Other 1%
How are your browser figures calculated?

We use data collected from every page on all of our client websites.

Our browser figures are therefore relevant to our clients specifically rather than reflecting worldwide figures which vary from country to country.

Can I get my own browser data?

Yes if you use Google Analytics you will be able to view browser data specific to every visitor on your own website.

Please see our setup guide for Google Analytics here.

Can you support every browser?

Every browser is different, and has their own inconsistencies.

If we were to support every browser, we would have to spend an infinite amount of time testing each website and your web design costs would have to increase substantially.

If there is a browser that is essential to your site the let us know and we can quote for custom browser testing.

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