Bulk Emailing

Toolkit Webmail does not support Bulk Emailing. That's any sort of transactional email, such as an invoice, or booking confirmation that you send to your clients.

If you're using a system to send these emails, it's likely you've used our SMTP service and have been blocked for doing so. Our email service has a daily sending limit of 10,000 emails, but this limit is brought drastically down when the service detects transactional emails. This block lasts for 24 hours. We've seen clients' use CRM's, Invoice Management, and Booking Systems.

Below are some 3rd party services that specialise in bulk emailing SMTP services. These are SMTP servers you can use to continue sending your transactional emails but with a much higher success rate.

In short, you can continue using our email service for your day to day emails to colleagues and customers, whilst your 3rd party system uses the external SMTP server to send transactional emails. Your customers won't notice any difference.

Example SMTP Providers

Click on each providers logo for a guide on how to get set up.

3rd Party Free plan? Price of 10,000 emails per month Ease of set up
SendInBlue 300 emails per day £14.90 5/5
Postmark 100 test emails per month $10 4/5
SendGrid 100 emails per day $14.95 4/5
Jetsend 3,000 per month or 100 per day $8 3/5
Mailgun 5,000 per month for 3 months $35
50,000 emails
Socketlabs 2,000 per month $39.95
40,000 emails
Mailchimp Transactional Email 500 test emails total $37.00
25,000 emails
(Works best when you already use Mailchimp)
Google Workspace 10,000 per day £4.60/user 2/5
(Requires your email service to be with Google Workspace)
Microsoft 10,000 per day £4.50/user 2/5
(Requires your email service to be with Microsoft 365)
AWS SES 62,000 per month $0.10 for each additional 1,000 emails.
Other costs do apply.
(Requires your infrastructure to be with AWS)
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