Brevo SMTP Service Set Up

Sign up to Brevo's SMTP service & configure it on your third party software to ensure all your emails are sent successfully.

SMTP services are great for sending automated emails like invoices, booking confirmations, reminder emails etc. inside third party software solutions like CRMs, invoicing or marketing systems.

We can't directly support this providers service, but we've put this guide together to help our clients find the best solutions for their email sending requirements.

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Step By Step Guide

You'll need to firstly sign up for a Brevo account.

You'll now be able to immediately access your SMTP credentials. Head to "Transactional" across the top menu.

You'll now be able to test your configuration, making sure you can receive the emails. You'll start to see email statistics in Brevo's dashboard.

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In short, you should continue using our email service for your day to day emails to colleagues and customers, whilst your 3rd party system uses an external SMTP server to send transactional emails.

This way you ensure all your emails are delivered and your customers don't notice any difference.

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