Content Creator Platforms

Many platforms serve as a fantastic avenue to create, manage and sell digital content for your audience. Some platforms can cater to your type of content, whether that's art, lessons, learning material, one-on-one sessions, or more.

While content creation can provide a great revenue stream, a bespoke online website to sell your content can cost thousands to build. If you want to effectively monetise your content to your audience, the examples on this page may be just what your business needs. Toolkit Websites can provide a great landing page to advertise your business and can link to pages on these 3rd party platforms.

Although we cannot fully recommend or advise on the platforms below, we've included website links where you can see their services in action and find out more information.



Kajabi allows content creators to build their brand into a fully-fledged business and turn their audience into customers.


Udemy allows content creators to provide training courses to a wide platform of potential learners. Content creators can earn from their courses through both subscriptions and a revenue share system.


ThriveCart is a shopping cart platform built for online sellers. Their platform supports digital goods, and can embed a shopping cart into your website on Toolkit.


Thinkific is a platform for creating and selling online courses and creating a community out of your audience.


Alongside the potential to reach a large audience, YouTube channels that meet certain criteria are able to add Channel Memberships, which allow viewers to subscribe for custom perks and exclusive benefits.


Patreon's platform allows creators to distribute a content feed that can be accessed with customisable tiered subscriptions.


Gumroad is an eCommerce platform allowing for the direct sale of both physical and digital products to your audience.

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