How to Setup and Mangage filters in Webmail

Automatic email fitlering is really handy for keeping your incoming mail organised.

Step By Step Guide

In Webmail , click on the Hamburger Menu in the top right and corner of the screen. In the drop down box, choose Settings .

In the box that opens, click on ' Incoming Email ' and then choose the ' Filtering ' tab.

On this page, click ' Add New Filter ' and give the filter a name when the pop-up box appears.

Choose the criterea you'd like the filter to be based on.

Options include who the email is from and what the subject contains .

Decide on the action you'd like the mailbox to take when the above criterea are met. The options are:

To move the email into a different folder
Forwarding the email to other addresses
Deleting the email immediately

Once you're happy with your criterea and action, press ' Save '.

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