How to Backup your Emails in Webmail

Backing up your emails through Webmail is great for a number of reasons. This could be so you can move all your messages from one device to another, present them to someone, or simply for peace of mind.

However, in case of any technical issues our end, your emails will always be backed up by our servers automatically. We're committed to providing you with peace of mind, and confidence in our service.

Step By Step Guide

Locate the email(s) you wish to Export/Backup. You may need to navigate through your folders to find it, or Search for the email .

Tick the email(s) you wish to export and press the More option in the Toolbar.

You can only back up 50 emails at a time within a folder, so if you have more than that within a folder, you will need to back these up too.

In the drop down, choose ' Export to Zip '.

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