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Why isn't my website Responsive?

Your website will work on all devices and browsers, however we've only recently released our Responsive Platform.

We now build Responsive Websites as a standard, however if your website was built before the platform was released, we would have been unable to have incorporated a responsive design to your site.

If you're interested in upgrading to our Responsive Platform, please contact us right away.

I have a Mobile Site, why didn't I get responsive?

Mobile Websites and Responsive designs resize and display your website's content in practically the same way, it's just the technology that differs.

It's likely that you would not have been provided with a responsive design because either the Responsive Beta wasn't available at the time or it's because you already had a mobile service as part of your package.

At the moment, Google ranks both Responsive and Mobile Websites as 'Mobile Friendly', so there's no need to move over to our Responsive Platform if you already have a Mobile Website Service. They're both great for consumers to use and work brilliantly on all the latest mobile and tablet devices.

However with Google's Mobile First Index , you may need to check that you've not got hidden content on your Mobile Site.

Why wasn't I offered a responsive design when I signed up?

We're really sorry if our Responsive Service wasn't available to you when you first signed up, we've only recently released our Responsive Platform. As with any technological advancements, we can only offer it if it's available and ready to go at the time.

If you'd like to speak to someone about upgrading to our Responsive Service, feel free to contact us .

How much does it cost?

The answer to this question completely depends on the amount of work required. If your website has 50 pages of content that all need to be rebuilt in order to become mobile responsive, it would be a much larger amount of work for our Design Team than a 5 page website.

Our Developers have to rebuild all the pages on a website from the ground up as the coding on responsive and non responsive sites are different.

We also have to take into account any functions or layouts your site has.

You can get an exact cost on upgrading your website by speaking to our Team about this.

Do I need to have a Responsive design?

It completely depends. Google has announced that it will be a ranking factor on mobile Google searches, so if you'd like to get higher in the search engine's results pages on phones then yes, however you should use Google Analytics to review how many hits on your website come from mobiles and tablets first.

If you get over 10% of your hits from mobiles then we'd advise you do upgrade to the responsive design, but this is a business decision you'll need to make.

I was told my site was Mobile Optimised, is it not?

Every website we have built in the last 10 years has been mobile optimised so it works perfectly in all browsers and devices. View your website on a mobile or tablet right now and you'll see that it looks just like the desktop version.

If you want your website to be responsive, we'll need to make changes to the design, structure and core content on each page. It's about presenting all of your information in a much clearer and simpler way when using small screens.

Do I need a redesign for my website to be responsive?

It completely depends on the layout and design of your current site. Responsive designs are very simplistic so if you have lots of complex layouts or very large amounts of text and/or tabular data we'd probably suggest a re-structure at the very least.

The exact answer to this question can be answered by our Team, you can get in touch by calling us on 01243 913 913 or sending an email .

What is the difference between Mobile and Responsive Websites?

We have discussed the differences in a couple of posts on our blog. You can see them here:

Mobile Website vs Responsive Design

Is your website Mobile Friendly

Does it matter with Google?

Google wants its users to get the best and most relevant content present to them in the easiest to view ways, so yes, it does matter. If you have a site that is built to resize content, images and design based on the device it's being viewed on, Google will reward to.

They define websites that cater specifically for mobile and tablet devices as 'Mobile Friendly'.

Google are currently only rewarding businesses that are 'Mobile Friendly' in the Mobile Google searches, but this is expected to cross over onto Desktop sites at some point in the future.

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