How to use the Calendar system within Webmail

If you wish to make use of the Calendar system within Webmail then please follow the below guide.

Step By Step Guide

In OX Webmail , click on the Calendar icon at the top left of the webpage to enter your Calendar.

This will take you to Calendar page for you to make appointments, create a new or shared calender to share with others, view your existing appointments and view shared calendars you've created or added.

When pressing on the new appointment drop down arrow you will be met with a number of potential options, including importing existing calenders from a URL, file, creating a new contact. etc.

To share any public calendars you've made, press the three dots next to your desired public calender and select Share / Permissions. This will allow you to create a URL or add a user onto the shared calender.

When creating a new Calendar, you will have the option to tick the box Add as Public Calendar, this will create a new Calendar for you to share with others.

When creating a new Appointment you will be able to input any details of the appointment you require along with any participants you wish to add with their email address or Contacts name. Once you're done creating your event press "Create" and it will automatically inform any participants you have added.

You are now able to use the Calendar system within your Toolkit Webmail system!

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