Forwarding to ONE address only - Step By Step Guide

To set up a forwarding service on your new mailboxes to go to a single user (so 1 forwarding address), login to our new OX Webmail Service here and follow these steps:

Press the hamburger menu (3 lines) in the top left once logged into your webmail.

Click on " Settings ".

Click " Mail " then scroll down and click " Rules ".

Click " Auto forward ... ".

Now turn "Auto forward" on by pressing the button to the left of the "Auto forward" title and type in the one mailbox for which you want to turn auto forwarding on.

Tick "Keep a copy of the message" if you also want to keep a copy of all the auto forwarded emails in your Inbox.

Now click " Apply changes " and you're all done!

Forwarding to MULTIPLE addresses

If you want a single mailbox to forward any emails to multiple addresses, please email us on and let us know:

  • Which mailboxes you want to forward from
  • Which mailboxes you want to forward to

We will then set up forwarding for you.

Set Up Forwarding

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