Setup Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free Google service that allows you to track visitors on your website. With Google Analytics, you can see how many people are visiting your site, whereabouts they're viewing from, your bounce rate and many more.

We do have a paid for service where we can set this up for you, but if you feel like giving it a go for free, here is a useful guide!

Step By Step Guide

Sign up here with either a new Google account or your existing one.

If you're not automatically taken to the 'New Propery' page, click on Admin at the bottom and ' Create Property '.

On the 'New Property' page, make sure the page is set to 'Website' not 'Mobile app'.

Then complete the rest of the fields on the page:
Website Name: The Name of your website, or your company name.
Website Address: This is your URL, eg:
Industry: This one if optional, but Google tailor some suggestions for your account.
Time zone: This is key for making sure Google Analytics accurately show your statistics

Press ' Get Tracking ID '

Now, copy the Global Site Tag. This is the code in the box that starts with:

< !-- Global site tag (gtag.js) - Google Analytics -- >

Go to the Analytics section of the Toolkit. You can find this under Search Engines -> Analytics.

Paste this code into the Analytics section of The Toolkit.

Press ' Update '.

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