Verify & Submit your site with Bing

It is no longer possible to submit a website to Bing without first verifying you own the site. Although Bing should eventually find and index your website, verifying your site will speed things up and give you greater control and insight of your website on the Search Engine.

In order to submit your website to Bing, you need to

Setup and/or login with a Bing Account .

Go to Bing's Webmaster Tools.

Under 'Add a site', enter your URL and press 'Add'

Complete the form about you and your website.

There are a several different ways to verifiy your site in Bing's Webmaster Tools, but Option 2: "Copy and paste a meta tag in your default webpage" works best with the Toolkit.

See the steps below for verifying your site this way .

Verify with a Meta Tag

If you've logged out, log back into Bing Webmaster Tools here and press "Verify now" on the home screen.

Scroll down to Option 2: "Copy and paste a meta tag in your default webpage" and copy all of the content in the first grey box.

It'll look something like:

< meta name="msvalidate.01" content="FBC2E557A8X" >

This string of code needs adding to your website in the tag. This is something our Support Teamm have access to.

Paste the code into an email to our Support Team, , and send.

Within 1 working hour, we'll add the string to your website's tag.

Once we've confirmed the code has been added, go back to Webmaster Tools and press ' Verify '.

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