What to be aware of when cancelling

If you've not cancelled already, see instructions explaining how to do so on our Cancellation Page.

Once you've cancelled, you need to keep in mind that at the end of your 3 month notice period, we will no longer renew your domain, we will close all mailboxes and take your website down.

You will need to safeguard each of these services before the end of your 3 month notice period. If you're not sure of your options, contact us during your 3 months and our passionate Support Team will be happy to help.

Your Domains

All domains on your account belong to you, so once the cancellation form has been completed and all outstanding invoices have been paid, please email us with a Transfer Request and our Technical Team will release any domains we have back to you.

.UK Domains

If your domain ends in .uk, you will need to send us your new provider's IPS Tag. We will then update the IPS Tag on the domain so your new provider can take the domain into their care.

TLD Domains

If your domain doesn't end in .uk you will need an Auth/EPP code to pass onto your new provider. As soon as our Technical Team receive the Transfer Request email, they'll unlock your domain and send you the Auth code within 48 working hours.

See how to perform a Smooth Transfer where services do not come down during transfer.

Once we action the transfer of a domain, all services will drop immediately. Your new provider will then need to get your new website and email services back online by transferring your domain in to their service and managing it's settings. Please be aware this process takes at least 48 hours and is dependent on your new providers.

Transferring your domain(s) away within the 3 month cancellation period is free, however if you do not transfer your domain out within this 3 month timeframe, we will either allow them to lapse at the end of their current registration periods or charge £45+vat per domain to transfer out at a future date.

Email and Website Files - Backing Up

Before moving your domain away from our service, please be sure to back up all your websites files as well as each individual email you wish to retain.

We can create a back up of your website for you, however there is a cost involved as it's part of our Website Backup Service . Please speak to your new provider about this as they may be able to do it for you as part of their service.

As for emails, these will need to be backed up before you transfer your services away as we delete all emails once your account is closed. You can backup your emails 50 at a time in Toolkit Webmail by following this guide .

If you'd prefer not to manually backup your emails, but would like all of your emails to be transferred to your new provider, we offer our state of the art Outbound Email Migration service. Based on a fee per mailbox, we will move not just your emails themselves, but all folders and subfolders you had with us over to your new account(s).

Please be aware - we cannot restore emails or website files once an account has been closed, so be sure to back them up if they are needed.


All of our websites have been specifically built for our platform and CMS, The Toolkit. If you're looking to keep the same website it will need to be rebuilt for the new platform you're putting it on. This is something your new provider can discuss with you.

By cancelling your account with us, you will lose the help and service that our Support Team offer once your 3 month period has come to an end.

If you do move your domain to a new provider, the renewal and management will no longer the responsibility of Toolkit Websites.

No Website - Domain & Email Only Option

We offer a Domain & Email only service for those who have found a new website provider, or perhaps no longer require a website, but still need their domain and email hosting to continue.

As part of this service, we will continue to renew, host and manage your domain whilst continuing to provide the support and hosting of existing mailboxes in use.

With this option, you can retain our fantastic email service & support, whilst having a new website on your domain built by your new web designers.

The subscription cost for the Domain & Email service is based on how many mailboxes you're looking to continue with, so if you'd like to take advantage of our Domain & Email service, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Your website will be permanently deleted from our hosting if you choose the Domain and Email only option.

Account Closed - Options

We close your account exactly 3 months and 1 day after you cancel. Closing your account involves us deleting your:

  • Website
  • Emails
  • Hosting
If you have not replaced the above services with a new provider, expect them to stop working immediately for you. If you need your services with us past the 3 month period, please let us know prior to your account closing so we can discuss your options.

Once your account has been closed, your emails are deleted permanently and website removed and stored in our archives. Should you ever need website files in the future, we can reactivate the account for a one off fee of £175+VAT and your site will be reinstated on your previous package. This will keep your monthly subscriptions the same as they were prior to cancelling.

We cannot restore or gain access to emails or website files after the 3 month notice period has ended.
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