Deleting a Member from a List

You can delete or unsubscribe clients from a contact list using Broadcast. There may be a number of reasons you would want to do this, including removing a client at their request or cleaning up your contact lists.

This guide will show you a simple step by step to delete a contact from a list, or to unsubscribe them.

Step By Step Guide

Click on Contact Lists , and select the list you wish to remove contacts from.

After you have clicked the list you want to edit, select Manage Subscribers on the left side bar.

On the next page, you will see a list of everyone subscribed to you listed. Click on the contact you want to delete or unsubscribe.

From here, you can chose to either Unsubscribe or Remove a Contact.

The difference between Remove a contact and Unsubscribe a contact is the difference between completely removing a client from a list, or just placing them on inactive on a list.

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