Domain Registrations

About this service

All of our Website Packages include a domain name. After you have ordered please tell us which domain name you would like to use.  We will register this domain name on your behalf.  You will be the legal owner of this domain name.

We are able to register the following domain name suffixes: Once you have chosen your domain name please let us know and we will register the domain name on your behalf.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have more than one domain registered?

You can absolutely register more than one domain with us at any time. Take advantage of our additional domain service which is just £60+VAT for 2 yers of registration.

You may want to register the different suffixes for your domain name and also misspellings and variations. This ensures that your competitors cannot buy your domain names.

Who is the owner of my domain name?

Domains we register are always registered under the client's name. This means that you're the legal owner of the domain, we're just looking after it for you.

Can I transfer my existing domain name to you?

Yes. If you have already registered your domain name then you can transfer it to us.

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