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A favicon is the small graphic that is associated with your website, and displays next to the website address, in the bookmarks folder and on tabs in most graphical web browsers.

Below you can see an example of the favicon used by the Toolkit and the Toolkit Webmail service.


Get a Favicon Designed

We can design and build a custom Favicon for your business based on your company logo, specific to your requirements.

This service is just £65+VAT.

Or, you can create a Favicon yourself. Just see below for our Step-by-Step guide.

Create your own favicon - Step By Step Guide

Choose your image/icon
- This needs to be a simple image that won't look too squashed or small on the top of a browser tab

Visit this link: Favicon Generator and follow the steps to create your Favicon
- upload your image by clicking the 'Browse' button to search through your computer files
- select the image / icon you would like to use as your favicon.
- click 'Create Favicon' (this may take a minute or so to complete).


Download and save the files to your computer by clicking the ' Download ' link


Send us an email to and ensure to:
- attach the files generated
- include the code created within the body of the email to us


Please note for steps 4, we'll quote £15+VAT for the time involved in the uploading and tweaking of the HTML.

If you would like us to complete the whole process for you, just let us know which image you'd like your Favicon to be.

There's then a one off fee of £55+VAT for the time involved. The work will then be completed with our usual 3-5 working days.

Other Upgrades

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