Blog Service

We have a brand new Blogging Service which works from within The Toolkit.

The Toolkit Blog Service is:

  • Google Friendly
  • Easy to update
  • Mobile Fluid Responsive
  • Built on the websites domain
  • Styled against the existing sites design
  • Integrated with Social Media & Archiving Options

Our very own Toolkit Websites blog, shown above, is great example of the Toolkit Blogging service in action however you can view other live examples as well as our blog pricing below!

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Blog Benefits

Blogging is a fantastic way to post about your service, business, market place and general goings on regarding all things related to you. By posting new information about your business you will in turn greatly improve your websites Search Engine Optimisation. This is because blogging is all about putting new and informative content about your business and services out on to the web which both consumers and the Search Engines can read.

Blogging allows you to keep clients informed, provide Google and the other Search Engines with new information about your company and get new content about your business out there on the web to be found.

The Toolkit Blog Service is designed around your very own website and built with Social and Blog Archive options. The service also is powered by The Toolkit and comes with additional File and Image allowances that give you all the space you need to begin blogging.

We can build, optimise and style your blog for you for just £295+vat and will upgrade your package with us to include the most suitable Blog Bundle as shown below.

Recent Examples

Blog Bundles

50 Blog Package
50 images
50 files
50 blog posts
£10+VAT per month
100 Blog Package
100 images
100 files
100 blog posts
£15+VAT per month
200 Blog Package
200 images
200 files
200 blog posts
£25+VAT per month
500 Blog Package
500 images
500 files
500 blog posts
£40+VAT per month
1000 Blog Package
1000 images
1000 files
1000 blog posts
£65+VAT per month
2000 Blog Package
2000 images
2000 files
2000 blog posts
£90+VAT per month
5000 Blog Package
5000 images
5000 files
5000 blog posts
£160+VAT per month

Important Information

Please note that although we can style the Toolkit Blog to match your website's font and colours, the structure and layout cannot be changed.

The Blog Homepage and Blog Article pages consist of two columns, with the larger left column containing the blog content and the right column containing an Archive with links to other posts.

Check out our recent examples to get an idea of how your blog could look.

Other Upgrades

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