Hide Columns on Different Screen Sizes

This guide will show you hide existing columns in your page. Setting columns to hide can help manage your content across Tablets, Desktops and Mobiles.

Step By Step Guide

First of all we need to load the editor. To do this click ' Content ' on the left menu, once this drops down and gives you some more options, click ' Pages '. Then select the page you would like to edit, finally click the ' Editor ' button in the top left.

Next you will need to click on the column you would like to hide of. From here click on the two small cogs in the toolbar .

On the next screen click on the 'Column Settings' button.

Now you will want to click the ' Edit ' button in the top right of the screen.

This is where you can use the tick boxes to hide a column at different sizes. Extra small is mobiles and small tablets, small is larger tablets and small desktops, medium is average desktop size and large is for smart TVs.
Once you have ticked 'Hide' for the correct sizes, click the ' Edit ' button.

Finally all that is left to do is click the green ' Save ' button in the bottom right.

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