How To Insert A Graphic

This guide will show you how to add graphics onto the site. Graphics are different to images since they focus on smaller icons rather than high resolutuion images.

Step By Step Guide

The first step is load up the classic editor. Click on ' Content ' on the left menu, then go to ' Pages '. Pick the page you would like to edit and you will see the ' Classic Editor ' button.

The next step is to click where you would like to add the graphic in the editor. On the toolbar click the ' + ' button labelled insert.

You should now see a large list of elements to insert. For this guide we want to choose the option labelled ' Graphics '.

The next screen will give you the option to choose between ' Graphics ' and ' Custom Icons '. For this guide we want to choose ' Graphics '.

Finally, locate the graphic you would like to use and click ' Apply Changes '.

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