How To Insert A Scroller

This guide will walk you through the process of inserting an existing scroller on a page. Scrollers are the modern version of sliders. This is because they allow us to put text and HTML onto each frame.

You may need to use the full-screen option to see the video more clearly.

Step By Step Guide

The first step is load up the classic editor. Click on ' Content ' on the left menu, then go to ' Pages '. Pick the page you would like to edit and you will see the ' Classic Editor ' button.

The next step is to click where you would like to add the scroller in the editor. On the toolbar click the ' + ' button labelled insert .

You should now see a large list of elements to insert. For this guide we want to choose the option in the bottom left labelled ' Scroller '.

The last step is to choose which scroller you would like to add. Once you have selected the correct scroller, click the ' Apply Changes '.

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