How To Style Text

Text styling can be used to make text bold, italic, centre aligned and more! This guide will show you how to use styles for your text.

Step By Step Guide

First of all we need to load the editor. To do this click ' Content ' on the left menu, once this drops down and gives you some more options, click ' Pages '. Then select the page you would like to edit, finally click the ' Editor ' button in the top left.

Next up, highlight the text you would like to change. Now there are a couple of options here, you can do the following with highlighted text:

  • Make it Bold
  • Make it Italic
  • Remove the formatting
  • Left Align
  • Centre Align
  • Right Align
  • Justify
  • Create a numbered list
  • Create a bullet point list

If you wish to change the font size, colour, weight and other elements of formatting then head over to the styles module.

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