Mailbox Disabled

If your mailbox has sent emails that are considered spam, your mailbox will be automatically disabled by the email service

We appreciate that this is inconvenient however it's for the protection for the email service as a whole.

If emails that you send out get marked as spam, our email server starts to get a bad reputation. This could result in our email server getting blacklisted and your regular outgoing mail getting marked as spam, which of course would have a direct effect on your company sending emails, along with the other 10,000+ mailboxes we provide.

Why was my mailbox disabled?

  • The user sent spam or tried to send a bulk email.
  • The user sent content which includes fragments from other emails which recipients considered spam.
  • The user's computer has been infected with malware that is sending spam.
  • The password for this account has been compromised and it is being used to send spam.
  • We have received complaints about content sent by this user.
  • The mailbox has been logged into from a known abusive IP address.

How to resolve this:

  1. Run a scan of the devices you manage your emails on to ensure they're not infected with any malware.
  2. Confirm to us once the devices are all clean. We will then reactivate your mailbox within 1 working hour.
  3. Reset your mailbox password to ensure that any compromisation now fails. See this guide for help.

Ways to prevent your mailbox from being disabled in future:

  • Send bulk emails from mass-mailing software only, not a day-to-day email account.
  • Don't forward, reply to or action any spam emails.
  • Keep your antivirus up to date and run regular checks on your devices.
  • Change your mailbox password every couple of months.
  • Don't login to your emails on a public internet connection.
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