Setting up 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)

2-Factor Authentication (2FA) protects accounts by using 2 forms of authentication, usually email/password combination as the primary login and a secondary code or SMS validation process for added security.

For example, if 2FA is enabled on a mailbox, logging into it via Webmail on a new device would require the secondary form of validation (SMS or Code) before gaining access.

We've activated 2FA as an optional security extra for all our clients in Webmail, see how to enable and set it up below.

Step By Step Guide

1: Login to your mailbox in Toolkit Webmail as normal.

Instead of being taken straight to your inbox, you'll have the "Choose Your Multi-Factor Authentication Method" Popup.

We'd recommend the SMS option, but you can choose the App instead.

2a: 'Get A Text Message'

Choose the country for your mobile number using the dropdown flag.

Then, enter your mobile number.

2b: 'Use an Authenticator'

Download an authenticator App of your choice. We'd recommend Google Authenticator

Open the App and scan the QR code that Webmail has presented you with.

Enter the code the app supplies you with into the "Verification Code" field in Webmail.

3: Success!

Webmail will now ask if you want to use the mobile number supplied or the authentication App to manage your password.

Don't choose this option as it won't work - your mailboxes with Toolkit Websites are reset through our own custom password system.

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