How to Restore Logo Text Version

This guide will show you how to restore versions for your Logo Text

Step By Step Guide

First we will need to load the Logo Text that we want to Restore. To do this, click on the Structure menu on the left-hand side and select Logo Text. This will show a list of all the Logo Texts on the account.

Next, we need to select the Logo Text that we want to restore the Backup for. Click the name of the Logo Text that you are going to edit. This will open the Logo Text editor.

From here click the Backups tab at the top right of the editor window to bring up the list of Logo Text Backups.

The list of Backups shows everytime a save has been made on the Logo Text. You can preview each of the entries to see the changes. Click the Restore button in the list to restore that Backup.

You will then be asked to confirm that you would like to restore that Backup. Click Restore one more and you will have a final confirmation. Click OK if you are happy that is the Backup you want to Restore.

Your Logo Text Backup has now been restored.

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