This guide covers how you can see what upgrades you have: Active, Expired and Purchased. This guide also covers how you can request a new upgrade.

Step By Step Guide

Login to the Toolkit and navigate to 'Account' and 'Upgrades'.

Now you can see all of the upgrades you have Active on your Toolkit account.

To request a new upgrade, go to the 'Request a New Upgrade' button in the top right of the 'Upgrades' page.

Now you will need to type in your upgrade subject in the 'Subject' box and then in the 'Query' box you will need to explain the upgrade you want added to your account.

Now click on the 'Send Message' button below the 'Query' box.

To Pay for your upgrade go to the 'pay now' button under the active upgrade you wish to purchase.

Finally, you just need to click on the 'Make Secure Payment' button and then follow the steps to enter your card details.

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