Mailboxes and Aliases

You can view all of your mailboxes and aliases in The Toolkit . Just go to ' Account ' in the left-hand menu and then ' Mailboxes '.

10 email addresses will show on each page, use the numbers in the bottom right to navigate through all of your email addresses.

Creating new Mailboxes

As long as there's room in your allowance, you can create new mailboxes at any time.

How to create a new Mailbox

Creating new Aliases

Email Aliases are free and unlimited, so just login to the Toolkit to create as many new aliases as needed

How to create a new Alias

Deleting Mailboxes

Due to the severity of mistakes, you cannot delete mailboxes in the Toolkit. Instead, we can delete mailboxes at any time for you, but please be aware that as soon as a mailbox is deleted, all data stored within is deleted too.

If need be, you can backup your emails before requesting we delete a mailbox.

Delete a Mailbox

Deleting an Alias

Email Aliases can be deleted at any time too, but you can do this in the Toolkit.

As soon as the alias is deleted, all mail-forwarding it was powering will cease to exist.

How to delete an Alias

Changing Email Addresses

Sadly email addresses cannot be changed; the only way to do so is to delete and existing mailbox and create the new one in its place.

Due to the severity of any errors, clients can't delete mailboxes in The Toolkit . However, our Support Team can action any changes to your account on your behalf. You will need to backup any important emails before having the mailbox(es) deleted.

To get in touch with our Support Team, either use the buttons below or put your request in an email .

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