What the icons mean

There are many icons in the toolbar for The Editor. This guide will explain what each of them means.

Step By Step Guide

1: 'HTML' : This button changes The Editor from being WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) to the actual HTML code that is the structure of your email.
2: 'Cut, Copy, Paste' : Similar to any text editing program, you can cut, copy or paste text.
3: 'Paste as plain text, Paste from Word' : Sometimes your browser settings may stop you from using shortcuts to copy or paste to or from your clipboard and into The Editor. If this is unavailable to you, use these buttons to add the text your are copying/pasting.
4: 'Spell Check as you type' : This feature will enable spellchecking as you type.
5: 'Undo, Redo' : Pressing these buttons will undo or redo the changes you have made.
6: 'Find, Replace' : You can use this to find and replace certain text within your email.
7: 'Select All' : Select every element within the email.
8: 'Remove Format' : Remove any formatting from all selected / highlighted elements.
9: 'Text Colour' : Highlight text and click this button to change the colour of the text.
10: 'Background Colour' : Change the colour of any selected elements background.
11: 'Subscript, Superscript' : Style selected text to become superscript or subscript to the preceding text.
12: 'Text Direction' : Adjust the text to either type from the left or the right
13: 'Decrease / Increase Indent' : Add / subtract extra space at the beginning of a sentence or paragraph.
14: 'Block Quote' : Move selected text into a block quote - useful for testimonials or quotations.
15: 'Create Div Container' : If you are familiar with HTML elements you can use this to add extra styling or structure to distinguish between sections. Conversely some may prefer to use Rows and Columns for this.
16: 'Bold, Italic, Underline, Strike-Through' : Styling for text
17: 'Numbered, Bulleted Lists' : Use these buttons to create ordered or unordered lists - you can also highlight lists and use these buttons to remove this styling
18: 'Alignment' : Aligns text left, centred, right or justified respectively.
19: 'Link, Unlink, Anchor' : Select text and use these buttons to create links to other websites, unlink text or anchor to internal areas of a page.
20: 'Insert Image' : Insert an image.
12: 'Insert Table' : Insert a table.
22: 'Insert Horizontal Line' : Insert a horizontal line.
23: 'Insert Special Character' : Insert a special character.
24: 'Insert QR Code' : Insert a QR code.
25: 'Insert Map' : Insert a map.
26: 'Document Properties' : This will allow you to change the title of the page, page margins, background image etc. and also more advanced settings such as meta tags and the document type.
27: 'Show Blocks' : A feature that will allow you to see the outlines of each section of the mailer in The Editor.
28: 'Format, Font, Size' : These are styling features for text that allow you to set whether text should be a header or a paragraph, the font family and the font size.
29: 'Fields' : This is a list of all the available fields you can use to automate parts of the email such as the contacts name and the subject line.
30: 'Links' : These are standard links you can use within the email to allow contacts to subscribe, unsubscribe, forward etc.

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