Create a New Campaign

Below are the first steps involved in building your Bulk Mailer in Toolkit Broadcast.

You may need to use the full-screen option to see the video more clearly.

Step By Step Guide

Go to the Campaigns Tab and press ' Create a Campaign '.

Give your Campaign a name (for internal use, so you can differentiate between your campaigns) and choose the mailling list you'd like this Campaign to be sent to.

Press ' Next Step ' when you're happy with the details.

Complete the details about your Campaign:

 - Email Subject
 - From Name
 - From Email Address
 - Reply to Email Address

There are options for Turning off Tracking, an Advanced Tracking Tool or inserting a Social Media Toolbar. You don't have to tick any of these if you don't want them.

Press ' Next Step ' when you're happy with the settings.

You now need to choose your Template.

Go to ' Your Templates ' and choose the one that our Team created for you.

This will open the Editor for you, where you can now Edit your Campaign .

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