Duplicate a previous Campaign

If you're going to run a very similar campaign as before, duplicating a Campaign saves you from creating the same thing from scratch!

You may need to use the full-screen option to see the video more clearly.

Step By Step Guide

Go to the Campaigns Tab and press ' Duplicate ' underneath the Campaign you'd like to copy. In the pop up box, name the Campaign .

Choose the mailling list you'd like this Campaign to be sent to, if it's not the same as the campaingn you duplicated.

Press ' Next Step ' when you're happy with the details.

Update the details about your Campaign if needed:

 - Email Subject
 - From Name
 - From Email Address
 - Reply to Email Address

There are options for Turning off Tracking, an Advanced Tracking Tool or inserting a Social Media Toolbar. You don't have to tick any of these if you don't want them.

Press ' Next Step ' when you're happy with the settings.

You'll now be taken to the Editor, where your previous campaign will show. Edit your email as needed.

Once you're happy, Preview and Schedule the Campaign .

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